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The Key Energy Solutions System's approach to renewable and energy efficiency. This "Hybird" system is one-third the cost of installing only solar:

Welcome to the Future of Energy!
  • Federal Tax Credit of 30%
  • State Tax Credits
  • Utility Rebates
  • Reduction in Energy Bills
  • More Comfortable Living Space
  • Smaller Carbon Footprint Per Home
Energy & Efficiency Packages and Process
Reduce before you produce energy with:
Solar Shield
Solar Attic Fans
Smart Box
Vacancy/Occupancy Sensors
"Key Energy Solutions made our home more comfortable and  drastically reduced our energy bills"  

- Bruce & Vicki B

Smart Power Strips Digital Refrigerator/Freezer Calibration Device
Hot Water Heater Calibrator
LED & CFL Light Bulbs
Web Control Thermostats
(and other integrated technologies)
Keep the hot air out of your house and your attic while reducing your heating and cooling costs.

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Ventilate your attic with the most powerful and efficient solar powered attic fan available today

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Renewable energy using the sun's radiant energy to reduce your energy bills by 50% to 100%

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Solar Shield
 Solar Attic Fans
Solar Energy
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